60 Minutes

How Does It Work?

During the first 15 minitues you will tell me your problem or your goal(objective)
I will guide you to find your sabotaging subconscious believes.
We will communicate your intention to your subconscious through the process called “balancing” and this will align your subconscious mind with your conscious goal.
With newly acquired subconscious beliefs we will write an action plan to take the necessary actions to create the results.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Usually for one goal, one session is enough, right after our session you will start to feel the changes. You are the one who will decide if you need another session.

How Often?

The second session for the same goal should not be before 2 or 3 weeks.
We need to give some time to our subconscious to work it out and make our changes visible.
If you want to work on a new goal then any time is fine, you do not have to wait.

PSYCH-K® Sessions via Zoom or Skype

Everything is interconnected and it is a part of the “Whole”
This new discovery of quantum physics is the same idea already present in Sufi mystisizm and in a Buddhist tradition.
It makes our connection and communication possible even when we are at distance.
After the payment, I will share with you a Zoom link or my Skype Id for our session.


Wherever is confortable for you.
You will need a good connection and a quite room where you won’t be interropted for one hour.


100 €

Please kindly send an e-mail at cevren@freelikeabird.org containing your contact details.

Your session will be confirmed right after the payment.